About the company

Open Dance Company is a dance tradition founded in Oslo, Norway, in 1996 by choreographer Le Teck (D) and dancer Kari Anne Bjerkestrand (N).

Since 1998 Open Dance Company has presented 4 annual performances as well as some smaller dance productions in Oslo. Open Dance has been introduced to England, Belgium, Italy and different towns in Norway through workshops and smaller performances.

Open Dance Company is a complete and wholesome approach to dancing, performing and choreographing. Tools for individual expression, group dialogue and creating dance pieces have been developed by Le Teck. These tools enable the dancers continually to deepen their search into dance, both as a performance art and on a self-development level.

Each performance is based on a dance score created by the choreographer. The dancer is not reconstructing a fixed choreography, rather s/he is interpreting and exploring the orientations given by the score.

Open Dance Company seeks to present the dancer as a creative artist on stage. A dance is never right, nor wrong; it is a mirror of the dancer sharing his/her personality in the role of a performer.

More than 30 dancers, from Norway and other countries have participated in the Open Dance Company.