"Orange Puls"

Oslo, Fabrikken, April

Artistic Director: Kari Anne Bjerkestrand
Choreography: Elizabeth Lyseng
Music: Gro Løvdahl and Jan Skomakerstuen
Costumes: Katharina Barbosa Blad
Video artist: Klaus Jäger
Sound: Petter Taranger
Styling: Eirin Kongshaug
Producers: Elizabeth Lyseng, Annette Dyvi and Kari Anne Bjerkestrand

Cecilie Hillestad
Elizabeth Lyseng
Annette Dyvi
Kari Anne Bjerkestrand
Darina Cizkova
Anne Øyen
Berthe Mengshoel

Orange Puls will be performed at an old factory that in the last 100 years has transformed from an industrial production site to an entertainment center. The performance is inspired by the original use and history of the building.

In the performance the physical space is transformed by use of sound and video animation to bring new space into being. The dancers are challenged into holding the energy and intensity of the laborer, as well keeping every move functional. In contrast to the mechanical and disciplined language of movement, the dancers are also expressing the laborers’ inner life and dreams. Through movement the historical laborer merges with the modern dancer of today.

"Manifestare 2a/b/c"
- an extract of Vanity Raw

Oslo, Henie Onstad Art Centre, May

Choreography: Le Teck
Music: Cerebral Cortex
Costumes: Katharina Barbosa Blad
Video animation: Nina Bergstrøm
Sound: Armand Steinsholm
Producers: Bjerkestrand,Dyvi/Lyseng

Christel Fauchald
Magne Skjævesland
Ingelin Bjerknes
Darina Cizkova
Kari Anne Bjerkestrand
Elizabeth Lyseng
Annette Dyvi
Caroline Jacobsen
Grete Lunde
Anne-Kristine Tischendorf